Dust Collectors of industrial quality

Our line of high performance dust collectors

Dust collectors have developed throughout the past years with emerging technologies in various industries, which is only normal when we take in account the number of accidents caused by dust explosions. The prevention of these accidents is crucial for the safety of all employees and the environment. With the technologies we offer, these accidents are preventable. AQC has chosen the best available components and integrated them to their dust collecting systems to give its customers the greatest and safest units. AQC offers a wide range of high quality robust industrial dust collectors manufactured in North America for every industry, type of dust and application.

Our line of dust collectors’ applications ranges from wood chips collecting to pharmaceutical application for all dust matters. Our products are designed and manufactured to generate significant savings throughout their whole life cycle. Whether it be due to a substantial increase in filter duration, lower energy consumption or reduced operating costs as a result of low maintenance requirements. Our dust collecting equipment is the solution to your dust issues.

See products below to find which one suits your specific application and contact our team for more information and quotations.