Baghouse Dust Collectors

The baghouse dust collector

The MAXITUBE dust collector is a baghouse type dust collector featuring a large selection of alternative filter bags or pleated bags capable of solving any special dust application. Dust particles are drawn into a velocity reduction chamber adjacent to the filter section where large particles separate from the airstream to fall directly into the hopper; smaller particles are then drawn into the filter section and are filtered. This type of dust collector is usually medium to large in size and can handle tremendous air volumes and dust loads. The MAXITUBE is composed of tubes, also called ‘’socks’’ which vary in lengths. With the MAXITUBE’s filtering system, clean air can be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings. Maintenance is greatly reduced since the electronic pulse control sends a cascading signal to air valves pulsing compressed air from the inside of the bags to the outside forcing the accumulated dust cake to be blown away and fall into the hopper, all this while the collector is in operation. Baghouse collectors are generally installed outside because of their size and weight.

The maxitube is mainly used for sand blast rooms,  wood transformation shops, chemical industries, mines, metal industry and food or pharmaceutical industries.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • Vertical felt or pleated bag for maximum efficiency
  • Micronic dust size filtration
  • Filtered air recycled back into premises for energy savings
  • Large amounts of dust storage capacity
Required by NFPA for reactive material such as wood dust, aluminium, magnesium and more

Explosion Venting Door

Pulse cleaning solenoid enclosure

Soleinoid Enclosure

Reinforcement to ensure dust collector resists to pressure


Top bag removal

Bag Filters

Maxitube dust collector