Cartridge Dust Collectors

Our cartridge dust collecting line of products

AQC offers horizontal and vertical cartridge dust collectors for various industry application. These collectors are used for big productions of smaller dust and powders such as welding fumes, metal dust or flour and sugar particles. Many different models can be created depending on the type of particles and the quantity of dust that is  taken in. The number of cartridges found in our cartridge dust collectors can start at one and go up to over 100. These units can be very big for applications which create a lot of dust in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and many more applications.

We have the MAXIFLO unit and the compact MAXIFLO-MC for horizontal cartridge dust collecting and the MAXIFLO-VC for the vertical cartridge dust collecting systems. To prevent explosions, which are a possibility in the dust collecting field, we apply NFPA norms. All our dust collectors can be equipped with explosion venting doors, blast gates, blowback dampers, spark detection and extinguishing system, sprinklers and an abort damper. To assure the safety of all workers and to prevent explosions, our team will happily guide you through norms, standards and options to assure the safety of your dust collectors.