Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector

Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector pulse cleaning system

The design of MAXIFLO horizontal cartridge dust collector is unique and highly advanced. The modular down flow cartridge collectors are specially designed for welding fumes, sanding or buffing applications, sandblasting or light particle filtration. The highly efficient cartridges allow recirculation of the clean air back into the facility resulting in energy savings. When solid particles enter the collector at high velocity, the top row of cartridges which is equipped with a series of deflectors protects the cartridges . This also ensures that the upper portion of the cartridge does not get clogged up.

In addition, the unique design of MAXIFLO cartridge yokes are made to sustain 20% more weight than the actual stress of a clogged up cartridges. This allows permanent and perfect cartridge alignment without yokes sagging or cracking.

Pulse cleaning systems are available with timers or pressure differential controllers. Dust storage options vary from low profile drawers to high capacity drums and containers. Safety features such as explosion venting doors, blow back, abort dampers, spark detection systems are available when the collector is designed to be used with reactive material. All our horizontal cartridge dust collectors respect NFPA norms, once again, our team will happily guide you through all the norms and standards to assure the safety of your dust collector.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • Modular for various air volume capacities
  • Multiple cartridge selection
  • Automatic cartridge cleaning by pulsed air
  • Interior or exterior installation
  • Heavy duty cartridge support yokes
  • Multiple dust storage configurations
  • Wide selection of inlet and outlet locations
  • Minimal field assembly required
  • Fully welded cabinet
  • Many different accessories available to meet NFPA and other regulations
Single or multiple hoppers and drums or low profile drawers for dust storage

Dust Storage

High efficiency cartridges and access doors with quick turn knobs

High Efficiency Cartridges

Automatic control panel for cartridge cleaning

Automatic Control Panel

Heavy duty yokes for proper filter support and alignment

Heavy Duty Yokes

Maxiflo Horizontal Cartridge Dust Collector