Vertical Cartridges Dust Collector

Vertical Cartridge Dust Collector with pulse cleaning system

The vertical cartridge type dust collectors have been added to the line of cartridge collectors. This product will serve in higher concentrations of dust applications with larger particulates. The vertical arrangement of the cartridges makes for a more efficient cleaning of the filters when large particles are filtered.

The MAXIFLO-VC is an up-flow enclosed type dust collector. These dust collectors are the ideal for medium concentrations of dust and can be used with different dusts such as welding smoke, metal sanding, grinding or buffing, plasma, laser downdraft cutting tables, sandblast rooms operation, light to medium sized dry powders, food and pharmaceutical plants or plastic and composites fabricating shops. The vertical cartridge removal system, which is accesible by sealed doors, makes changing cartridges easy by sliding them in and out on a rail and securing them with locking handles.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • Custom-made for various air volume capacities
  • Multiple cartridge selection
  • Automatic cartridge cleaning by pulsed air
  • Interior or exterior installation
  • Multiple dust storage configurations
  • Wide selection of inlet and outlet locations
  • Minimal field assembly required
  • Fully welded cabinet
  • Many different accessories available to meet NFPA and other regulations
Required by NFPA for reactive material such as wood dust, aluminium, magnesium and more

Explosion Venting Door

NEMA 4 solenoid enclosure, 1 ½’’ Diaphragm valves and compresse air header

Auto Purge System

Easy to remove high efficiency vertical cartridges

Vertical Cartridge Removal

Access door to cartridges

Access Door

Maxiflo Vertical Cartridges Dust Collector