Shaker Dust Collectors

Our line of shaker type dust collectors

Our shaker dust collectors are made to filter bigger particles such as wood chips. These medium size collectors are for smaller industries such as trade schools and woodworking shops. These shakers are activated when the collector is not in use and can be manual or automatic. There is also the option to have the shaker dust opened or enclosed, these types of collectors are very easy to clean and are very efficient. The dust filled air comes from the inside of the filters, which prevents the collapse of the fabric and preserves the quality of the filter for a longer time. Larger particles fall by gravity into the hopper toward the dust storage drum or canister. Finer particles are vacuumed upward into the high efficiency multi pocket filter envelope.

In the shaker type dust collecting line of products, we have the MAXIVIBE which is an enclosed type collector and the MAXIPLY which is an open type collector, our team of experts will be able to direct you to the one suiting your field of application best. All our shaker collectors respect NFPA norms, once again, our team will happily guide you through all the norms and standards to assure the safety of your dust collector.