Open Type Dust Collector

Open type dust collector with manual shaker

Based on the MAXIVIBE design, the MAXIPLY open type dust collector is economical since it does not need explosion protection devices. The cleaning system is performed by manually shaking the ­filter envelope. The efficient filter pocket envelope allows clean air to be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings when it comes to heating and cooling. The MAXIPLY open type dust collector was primarily developed for interior installations in small shops and vocational schools, its use is perfect for medium to large size pollutants such as sawdust, grinding, buffing or sanding of wood.

As per NFPA 664 regulations air volume capacity can vary from 500 CFM to 5000 CFM. The ­coated filter helps to minimize dust caking on the filter surface. The angled hopper ensures cons­tant sliding of pollutants into the dust storage drum. The support structure can be ­easily dismantled for relo­cation into another part of the facility or for a new installation in a room with limited size doorways.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • Pocket type filter efficiency of 95% to 99% at 1 to 5 microns
  • Modular for various air volume capacities
  • Manual cleaning shaker system
  • Rugged painted metal structure
  • Low or high profile dust storage system
  • Dust inlet with abrasion resistant feature
  • Minimal field assembly required
Dust storage drum with grab handles and quick release drum latch

Dust storage drum

Manual handle for filter cleaning

Manuel handle

Direct drive with TEFC motor

TEFC motor

High pressure impeller with radial blades

Radial Blade

Maxiply Shaker Dust Collector