Pharmascience project

Pharmascience dust collecting project

Pharmascience was founded in 1983 and is the largest pharmaceutical employer in the province of Quebec with its 1500 employees, holding a spot in Forbes 300 best employer list. They are 51st out of 100 biggest investors in research and development in Canada and invest over 43 million dollars yearly. Pharmascience sells more than 300 different types of products in over 60 countries.  For over 20 years, they have collaborated with International Health Organisations to provide over 70 million dollars worth of essential medication.

Their Needs

Pharmascience inc manufactures their products in Quebec at their Candiac plant. Making pills and medication is a very complex process where multiple machines are needed, and where there is no place for error. The dust created by this type of manufacturing can be life threatening, therefore they approached S. Laporte Consulting Engineers to help them in finding a solution. The engineering firm contacted us to elaborate specifications and plans for their product in order to provide them with the best dust collecting solutions.

Their Problems

There was more than one problem to address in this type of situation. To start off, they needed a dust collector that would pull the right amount of air and filter pollutants. They demanded an airtight product to prevent any possible leaks. Pharmascience also required the option of a ‘’Bag In/Bag Out’’ solution. When the filters are changed, in no way can the person responsible be in contact with the fine dust created by the manufacturing process. Some of these medications contain hormones, chemicals or other ingredients that could be toxic for someone who does not need it, especially in great quantities. In addition to their sealed suits, our bag in bag out system for cartridges and dust container was a priority for the safety of their workers and the environment.

Our Solution

S. Laporte Consulting then went ahead with the design of a dust collecting system to address each of their issues. We guided then towards a MAXIFLO unit which is a horizontal cartridge dust collector. Cartridges were the best choice for very fine dusts, as opposed to pocket or envelope type filters. This unit is by far the best for medium amounts of dusts, Pharmascience did not need too much aspiration in order to keep powders in the recipients. To answer their airtight concerns, all our units are completely welded, this was then a non-issue. As for the bag in bag out, our access doors to the horizontal filters are optimal, they can be taken out one at a time to be changed and the bagging system is simple to use. S. Laporte Consulting then issued a plan and specifications for tender based on AQC collectors.

Pharmascience has since then ordered another MAXIFLO totalling three units in their Candiac plant. Their workers are very well protected, and they have minimum losses when it comes to the manufacturing of their products.

To know more about the dust collecting solutions AQC offers, contact our team of experts.

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