Source capture equipment

AQC’s source capture equipment

AQC has created a line of source capture equipment to address gas and fume problems where they originate from. The health of workers is a priority and needs to be taken very seriously, which is why we developed our source capture systems. We manufacture in North America solutions for welding and grinding fumes as well as for car exhaust systems and a variety of other applications. We know how dangerous breathing in those fumes can be. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration warns all users about the pollutants and harms that can possibly be done to the body as a result of breathing in certain types of gases. This is why it was a top priority for us to provide the best solutions. Our products are of the highest quality, made with robust material for toughness and durability.  AQC’s strength also lies within its innovative product design and development made to generate substantial savings throughout their entire operating life. Whether these savings be due to substantial increase in filter duration, lower energy consumption or even reduced operating costs as a result of low maintenance requirements. Our source capture equipment is the solution to your fume and gas issues. We also offer source capture equipment solutions for harsh applications, such as acid or chemicals fumes. We still use the same incredible technology; we simply change the material to withstand corrosion to offer long lasting products.

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