Downdraft Table

Downdraft work benches and tables

AQC MAXIBENCH is designed for source capture in welding, grinding, sanding, mixing, or woodworking applications and provides the user with a clean environment from ha­zardous volatile dusts and fumes. In compliance with clean air rules and regulations, the MAXIBENCH downdraft tables capture and ­filter harmful pollutants permitting clean air to be returned into shops and plants. The sophisticated filtration system eliminates expensive cooling and heating costs compared to methods where contaminants are exhausted outside the workplace. The MAXIBENCH can be fixed for permanent installations or movable with the addition of casters.

The maintenance of the MAXIBENCH table is reduced to a minimum since dust from collector drawers are emptied occasionally, and the cartridges or filters are cleaned by a pulse of air from the integrated tank. Workers spend more valuable time in production than on maintenance downtime. Downdraft benches are an interesting alternative when fume arms are not the solution.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • Water trays spark arresters
  • 95% at 0.05 micron efficiency
  • Fully welded reinforced 12 gauge steel cabinet
  • Easily accessible removable dust drawers
  • Safe downflow source capture
  • Suction option through back wall
  • Two sizes available
  • Integrated fan option
  • Self-cleaning by air pulse option
  • Low noise levels
  • Different work surfaces available (rubber, plastic.)
  • Option of side walls and back walls aspiration
Metal mesh filter to stop sparks from entering the collector

Metal Mesh Spark Arrestor

Optional charcoal after filter

Charcoal After Filters

Optional hinged side walls to contain particles and dust

Hinged Side Walls

Explosion proof starters (optional)

Explosion proof starters

Maxibench Downdraft Table