Exhaust Hose Drop Systems

Hose drop for fume and gases exhaust systems

The MAXIDROP exhaust hose drop system is an interesting alternative to hose reels. It was designed to work with small cars and up to larger diesel engines. The MAXIDROP assures that the hoses will not be crushed by workers or vehicles since it is lifted and secured by the balancer. The ratchet lock system on the balancer allows the hose to be pulled at the exact length required. The MAXIDROP can offer a single drop system or a double drop system for multiple station use, it can also be equipped of a MAXIDRIVE fan system. Our unit can be offered with different diameters, lengths, and temperature ratings of hose. Our MAXIDROP hose drop can be used with MAXIREACH extension boom and MAXIRAIL exhaust ducting with trolley system.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

Our balancer ensures the flexible hose does not rest on the floor and risks of being crushed. A wall cleat and pulley system are available to reduce costs. The MAXIDROP can also be used for removing harsh fumes in tanks or containers. A variety of tailpipe adaptors is also offered depending on the application, all our rubber nozzles are crush resistant to assure durability in our products.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Small cars to diesel trucks application
  • Spring balancer with ratchet lock system
  • Multiple hose diameter and temperature options
Exhaust to main fan with central ducting

Single Drop System

Double drop system with MAXIREACH double pivot extension boom

Double Drop System

Choice of high temperature rubber nozzles or metal adapters

High Temperature Nozzles

Spring balancer with ratchet lock system

Spring Balancer

Maxidrop Exhaust Hose Drop Systems