Fume Arms for Extraction and Source Capture

Fume arms: a full line of articulated fume extraction arms

Fume extraction arms are a better alternative to overhead hoods where workers were breathing dust and smoke-filled air as it was travelling upward. Source capture is the safe way to eliminate harmful pollutants. From laboratories to large welding shops, MAXAIR will get the job done.

MAXAIR is built to reduce to a minimum the presence of industrial indoor air particles. Our arms are ideal for a whole range of capture applications: smoke, steam, dust, welding, and harmful gases. The highly functional design facilitates fume arm handling and makes shifting easy.

Our articulated fume extraction arms can be used with our portable filtration units MAXIROLL, MAXICART, MINIROLL and MAXILAB. The MAXIREACHMAXITOP and MAXIRAIL can also be paired up with the fume arm.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

Our highly functional design facilitates fume arm handling and ease of movement. All supports and articulation joints are outside of the fume arm. The inside is smooth, without any obstacles that could reduce air flow, accumulate deposits and increase internal friction, which consume energy unnecessarily.

External supports and articulation joints are readily accessible, easy to adjust and require no maintenance. The unique design of the robust and durable top pivot made of steel makes the 360° rotation easy.

  • No internal joints
  • Smooth tubes, low static pressure
  • Air volume damper included
  • Self-locking joints
  • 2 grab handles for arm positioning
  • Hood diverter increasing capture velocity
  • Shipped fully assembled
  • 5 different diameters
  • Stainless steel tubes and hood avalaible
Laboratories | Research facilities | Beauty salons | Light dust applications | Museums | Soldering | Light welding

Hanging Model

Table or bench mount model | Medium welding | Grinding and sanding

Table or Bench Mount Model

Confined space (cubicles) | Teaching facilities | Low-ceiling applications

Telescopic Model

Pharmaceutical | Laboratories | Food processing | Corrosive gases | Solvent fumes | High temperature | High humidity

Stainless Steel Model

Maxair Fume Arms