Industrial Exhaust Fan

Industrial exhaust fan

The MAXIDRIVE industrial exhaust fan is designed and manufactured with backward inclined metal or aluminum blades to extract smoke, vapor and light dust away from the worker’s breathing zone. The rugged steel housing with aluminum impeller assures a non-sparking device to avoid explosions and keep workers and environment safe. The fan can be installed inside or outside to suit all applications.

Many of AQC’s equipment’s need on industrial exhaust fans to capture polluted air. The MAXIDRIVE can be mounted directly with MAXAIR fume arms, MAXIREACH extension booms or MAXIREEL hose reels.

A standard backward inclined aluminum impeller delivers sufficient air volume while sustaining low to medium static pressure. The MAXIDRIVE will reduce the amount of indoor pollutant particles in any space, from large welding shops to smaller laboratories. AQC also offers steel impeller with protective coating for more aggressive applications. Our MAXIDRIVE fans can be directly mounted to the equipment, on roofs or hanging from ceilings, which makes them very convenient and adapt to your space easily.

Some of our outstanding standard features :

MAXIDRIVE fans use standard TEFC 3500 RPM motors but special motors such as explosion proof are available.

  • Multi purpose for source capture
  • 3450 RPM direct drive design with TEFC motors
  • Adjustable orientation air discharge
  • Powder coat painted housing
  • Inlet cone for maximum suction
  • Wide mesh inlet protective screen
  • Rugged painted steel construction
Maxidrive Industrial Exhaust Fan