High efficiency air purifier

Laboratory high efficiency air purifier

The MAXILAB unit is our highest efficiency portable filtration unit with its 2-inch pre filter and 12-inch HEPA filter. The DOP and CSA certifications as well as its fully welded structure assure the unit is suited for multiple applications. Its maintenance is easy since it can be washed down, it will not rust because it is made of stainless steel and the starter is sealed to prevent water or any other particles from entering and compromising the quality of the filtered air.

Our unit is optimal for pharmaceutical plants, white rooms and many more applications where the use of a HEPA filter is necessary. Thanks to the MAXAIR arm, the MAXILAB can be placed in close proximity to the source to assure that all particles are captured and directed towards the filter. The rear-inclined polyamide fan blades provide 600 CMF to our MAXILAB and is quiet, at around 65 dB(A).

Some of our outstanding standard features :

  • High-efficiency of 99.997% HEPA filtration
  • Source capture does not affect the aseptic field thanks to MAXAIR’s stainless steel arm with a suction of 600 CFM at the arm nozzle
  • Portable unit for source capture
  • CSA certified
  • DOP factory certification
  • Stainless steel finish for a simplified maintenance
  • Quiet: 65 dB(A) at 3’ (1m)
  • Polyamide fan with rear-inclined blades
  • Possible of recirculation of filtered air
  • A differential pressure-monitoring gauge indicates when the disposable HEPA filter is clogged.
  • Our high-efficiency HEPA DOP filters having undergone and passed rigorous non-infiltration tests.
Main filter is a HEPA 99.97% efficiency filter. Enclosure DOP certified

Hepa Filter

Possibility of returning clean air into the perimeter

Return Air Grid

Optional plate with companion flange to connect 8’’ (203mm) flexible tube

Companion Flange

Sealed starter for more protection

Sealed Starter

Maxilab Laboratory High Efficiency Air Purifier