Subway & Tunnels

Robust and efficient volume control dampers

The balance of pressure in subways and tunnels is very important for structural integrity. Other aspects such as high winds, smoke and fire control also come into play when incidents happen, and life’s can be in danger. This is why AQC has put all its knowledge towards producing a volume control damper that goes beyond expectations.

Our volume control dampers have exceeded testing done in the AMCA facilities, they were specially engineered and designed for use in transit tunnel systems, subways, as well as where tight shutoff at high velocity and pressure is required.

Our dampers are also in line with the NFPA 130 standard for fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems as well as the NFPA 502 standard for road, tunnels, and other limited access highways.

Some of the highlights of this product reside in the sturdiness and the resistance of the construction and its materials. It’s sealing and capability to sustain pressure are unequalled and exceed expectations.